Sunday, July 20, 2008

the workshop of a fairy

Jag har länge haft denna tjejen under mina favoriter och jag älskar verkligen hennes stil och på det hon syr. Verkligen fint. tjejigt. blommigt. pastell färgat. spets. rosetter. tyvär så skriver hon bara på franska men lite ögon godis funkar alltid! Hennes blogg: l´atelier d´une fée
I have had this girl in my favorites for a while and I really love her style and what she sews. Pretty. girlie. flowers. pastel coloured. bows. I´ts a pitty because she only writes in French but a little eye candy always works for me! Her blog is: l'atelier d'une fée

1 comment:

la fée said...

thank you very much !!!!! it's very kind from your part and i'm going to make an effort to translate into english next time

you also sew ? i like what you make too